'DIZZY BOI' ...10th Anniversary

GREEN - The Remix Album (Japan)

This Special Japanese release of the album 'GREEN' features all New Remixes of the songs from the album.  All Created purposely for this Exclusive Japanese Release.

Includes New Mixes of 'I Dont Want You', 'Text Me No More' and of course 'Mixed Signals' featuring Shana Petrone.

Release date is March 10th, 2017

Will be released Digitally & on CD




This kid right here has got to be my youngest fan. At only 8 years old and he loves my music. 'Green' and 'Dance Control' are his favorite songs. He loves music and he loves dancing. This kid really touched my heart today. I usually dont get any kind of appreciation but this kid went out of his way today to show me how much he really appreciated me. With a homemade 'Thank You' card that he drew inside and out, with a sidewalk chalk drawing of me, and a little token of appreciation as a gift he gave me this Ninja Turtle key chain. Small things like that mean a lot. Especially when it comes from kids. So of course I had to hook him up with a poster and a few other things. He deserved it. This one right here went from Fan to Friend. Stay Cool Dante. You Rock!


The single 'I DON'T WANT YOU' was officially released back in January of 2016.  However, due to its recent skyrocket with the music video gone viral on the official facebook page (Currently at 311,000+ Views).  The single is being released as a Maxi Single loaded with remixes for iTunes & Amazon in 2017.  The single is also available on CD Maxi Single, 7" Picture Disc Vinyl and White 12" Vinyl.  Check out CrayoneMusic.com for your copy.


'DIZZY BOI' a fun dance ditty about the confusion of sexuality.  The single was originally released in 2007 and will now celebrate its 10th Anniversary with a new CD & Vinyl Release.

The song was originally featured on the album 'NOT A TYPO'.  It also was included on various compilation albums including MicMac's 'BANGIN BEATS' Vol 4.


The second single ever released was 'SHOW ME WATCHA GOT', Like the first single 'Girl Hang It Up', this one was also only released on 200 Cassette singles at the time of its release back in 1992.

The song is now available on the Limited Edition 4 CD Box Set 'THE CRAYONE BOX'.  

Available now at CrayoneMusic.com 


For the past 30+ years I have been a fan of Cyndi Lauper. She is my idol. Well, last night I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Her manager recognized me from the spelling of my name on my hat and approached me saying 'Cyndi would like to see you after the show'. I was like REALLY? 

Anyhow, when the time came that we were face to face the first thing out of my mouth was....'Cyndi, do you know who I am?'... Her response... 'You're Bylli Fcukin Crayone'. I was in aww, floored, impressed & shocked. She knows who I am :O


On Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 I received an Award from the City of Lawrence, MA. Recognizing me for 25 years in Music as an Independent Artist and my 10 years of Charity Work (Back2School & Gifts4Kids)

I will be receiving another Award the night of June 24th at my CD Release Party / Freestyle Concert Event.

I received my first Award of recognition from the City of Lawrence, MA back in 2011.  As stated by Gloria Estefan, I am a 'Power Person' for the City of Lawrence.


In support of 25 years in music.  Funusual Records has released this limited edition 4 CD Box Set called 'THE CRAYONE BOX'.

It features 64 Tracks including Radio SIngles, Extended Remixes, Demos and Unreleased Recordings.  Available now for $34.99 Exclusively at CrayoneMusic.com or by clicking the STORE link in this website menu

The New Album; 'GREEN'


1. Dance Control (5:46)
2. I Don’t Want You (3:48)
3. Mixed Signals - Feat. Shana Petrone (4:01)
4. #FakeFriends (3:35)
5. I Need You - Feat. Ms. A (5:20)
6. Text Me No More (3:59)
7. Green [i Don’t Stop] (4:32)
8. Party In Your Underwear - Feat. Tye Boogz.
9. Friends First (4:29)
10. Is It Love (5:13)


11. Dance Control [80s Reach Out Mix] (5:27)
12. I DOn’t Want You [Organic Mix] (3:21)
13. Text Me No More [DubStep Pop Remix] (5:22)
14. Mixed Signals - Feat. Shana Petrone [Power Mix] (4:20)

BUY NOW:   CD    |    iTunes    |    Amazon  

BACK 2 SCHOOL - 2016

This year I had my 10th Annual #Back2School Give-Away.    I gave away over 50 Book Bags.   Met many new people Kids & Parents.

This year's event was amazing and I want to Thank everyone involved from Walgreens & Papa Johns to my good friends Debbie Gibson and Margaret Cho.  Together, we put a lot of smiles on these children's faces.  With parents permission, Pics are Posted.

Check out my latest album 'GREEN' and much more of my music on iHeart Radio.  

Limited Edition 

12 X 12 Autographed / Framed Canvas:

I had 10 of these canvases made as exclusive items for my fans.  They were being sold with proceeds going to my 10th Annual 'BACK 2 SCHOOL' Charity.  I didnt think they would sell out as fast as they did.  The asking price on these were $80 + Shipping each.  They sold out within an hour.   I truly appreciate my fans and Thank you so much for your purchases.

Party In Your Underwear.

Digital Single

Dizzy Boi
The Remixes

Digital Single

It's Okay Boy with Tiffany

Digital Single

Meet & Greet

So today we had the first of a series of 'Meets & Greets'.

Meeting Fans, Signing Autographs, Taking Photos, It was a blast!  The Fan Support is mind blowing and I am enjoying this ride for my new album 'Green'.  The album is due to be released on May 13th, However, The Physical CD version of the album will be available as soon as the next Meet & Greet on April 23rd.  So those of you who can make it will be able to get your hands on the new album weeks before its release date !  Hope to see you soon!   Much love, Bylli Crayone  See Fan Pics on the FAN SPOT page



Available Now 99¢


Available Now


Available Now 99¢


Available Now $5.97


2016 is gonna be a great year!

This New FREESTYLE MEGAMIX release is available now on Limited Edition CD

The Track Listing Features Many of the Freestyle Dance Classics compiled into one continuous Megamix.


1. Touch Me All Over

2. I Don't Want You

3. Dizzy Boi

4. Run To My Rescue

5. Prove Your Love

6. Girl Hang It Up!

Megamix by: DJ L GHOMIX of Brazil.


Visit the Online Store 

to get yours.


Coming Fall 2016, 

The New Japanese Import Release:


This will be the follow up to 2013's Vol 1.

This release will include a wide collection of 12" Mixes from 'Prove Your Love' to 'Dance Control' and 'Text Me No More'.

Full Track Listing TBA

Stay Tuned this Fall for more up to date info on this Special Japanese compilation


My 'Self Titled' album was released back in 2005.  This album was a very special and personal album to me.  And Yes, It was a very 'Sexual' album as well.

Featured the fan favorites 'Touch Me All Over', 'Drop Those Pants' and 'Toyfriend' with Domenic Marte.

I had a great time writing and recording that album, loved it so much that I decided to title the album simply.. Bylli Crayone.

10 years went by fast!  


I recently met 80s Pop Star STACEY Q and I have to say, it was quite an unusual encounter.  Stacey, best known for her 80s hit 'Two Of Hearts' met me backstage at a show in Boston.  She tells me she's been stalking me online for years.  When we met, she had to do a double take as she was only familiar with me with the long neon yellow hair.  Needless to say, our conversation was quite odd and she is quite the character. But I will just leave it at that.


I know there's many collectors out there.  Here's a photo of some of the items I have released.  CDs, Vinyl, Posters, etc.   If you got a rare item, promo, import, singles.

Send a photo to me on Twitter @BylliCrayone 

PROVE YOUR LOVE  (Official Music Video)

Video Screen Shots

Video Directed by: Jonathan Diaz 

of Celeste Productions / 2015 Funusual.


Someone sent in this pic of my physical CDs being out of stock at Bull Moose Music in NH.  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.  But it is kinda cool no matter how you look at it.  Hopefully, they will be back in stock soon.

Limited Edition 12" Red

Heart Shaped Vinyl.


Proud to say that my new release is my version of the 80s dance classic 'Prove Your Love' originally done by none other than the amazing Taylor Dayne.  She has heard my version and loved it.  In fact, this is what she had to say about it...

Bylli is an ardent fan and passionate about his music which is revealed in his recordings.  This includes his great homage to me with his cover of my song 'Prove Your Love'

`Taylor Dayne

Pop Artist


1991's freestyle dance single 'Girl Hang It Up' is finally getting a proper vinyl release. It is being released as a 7" single with the A side being the original 'Miami Edit' as produced by Claudio Berella and the B Side, the newer modern dance remix by Keith Kemper.

You may be asking yourself, 'Why?', 'Why a vinyl release now'?  Well, there are many reasons behind this.  For starters, it is the first song that I ever recorded professionally followed by a small independent release (200 cassette singles). 

Yes, it was the thing back then in the early 90s.  Now some 20+ years later with vinyl records making a comeback, it only made sense to me to get on board with it.  A 25th Anniversary vinyl release of this song only made sense.  So why not?


To confirm the 'Real' accounts from the 'Fake' accounts, my Twitter & FaceBook pages are both now 'VERIFIED'.  

Feel free to 'LIKE' and 'FOLLOW'.

I run my own accounts and I am very active with my friends & fans.


The album '12 Inch Mixes' is a Japanese release and is long out of print.  However, it does pop up on ebay from time to time.

[[[     Get It Here     ]]]


My debut single 'Girl Hang It Up' from 1991 is officially 25 years old!  In celebration of this milestone, a Limited Edition CD loaded with remixes by Keith Kemper, Joey 'Danger' Altura and Fred 'The Edit' Rivera are all on this special release.  It also includes the original 1991 versions.  Freestyle Forever !

Statement from Gloria Estefan

It is my pleasure to be one of the first to congratulate Mr. Bylli Crayone on such a well deserved recognition by the City of Lawrence, MA with the “Power Person” proclamation.

CONGRATULATIONS, Bylli! I’m very pleased that you are being recognized as an innovator in the music industry for the past 20 years. Your drive and determination in running, without any backing I might say, your indie music label is an inspiration to all of us in the industry. And even more importantly your dedication to helping others and the charities you work with are so very lucky to have you. I wish you continued success and congratulations again on this honor. It is well deserved.

Love & Luck,
Gloria Estefan
August 19, 2011


In 2010, I joined forces with 80s Pop Princess TIFFANY on the infectious 90s style dance single 'IT'S OKAY BOY'.  

A song that I wrote about Gay Pride and that it was okay to be gay. 

The song reached #1 on the Dance Charts in Japan in 2011 and a Special Edition 2012 Remix Project was later released on CD and iTunes.


Legendary DJ 'SPINDERELLA' of the 80s rap group SALT N PEPA is not only one of the world greatest hip-hop DJs but she is also an advocate for Diabetes.org.

On top of everything that she already does, She is also a great friend of mine who has been there for me unconditionally since I myself was diagnosed with Diabetes in 2012.  


My Fans mean the world to me and I just wanted to take this time here to say that.

Without you, I would be no one.  I been doing this for many many years and I got the greatest fans in the world from all over the world.  Please feel free to check out the FAN SPOT page on this site.



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